A picture of practice with Aikiken.

We practise at Marazion Community Hall on Friday evenings from 7pm until 9pm. We are open to all participants who are aged 18 and over. You can come along and try our art with us any time.

Sessions cost £5 but the first session is free. Bring a gi, if you happen to have one, but otherwise any sportswear that permits free movement is fine. Those who have practised other martial arts will find many similarities and many differences. As long as you are prepared to perform the techniques as shown and help your partners, you should find our techniques interesting, challenging, and practical.

We use Japanese wooden weapons: the Boken, which is a wooden version of the Japanese sword, and the Jo, which is a short staff. Spare weapons are available to borrow. You can buy your own as and when you feel you want to take Aikido seriously.

Aikido is a physical martial art and as such requires some fitness and agility. In particular ukemi, which is the way we receive techniques by using break-falls and so on, is aerobic and energetic. You can build-up your fitness and skill over time and we can work around many types of injury. We will also try to accommodate disabilities wherever possible but the nature of this art is such that an ability to move freely from your centre-of-gravity is necessary.


We practise on most Fridays, but sometimes we have to cancel, so check below before you come:


Here’s a map:


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