A student's progress in Traditional Aikido and Wanomichi.

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Yokomen Uchi Nikyo Omote Waza

In Aikido, yokomen uchi is a strike to the side of the head. It’s close to a round-house punch or a swing with a blunt weapon so our defence is very applicable to self-defence. One good place to move is toward the attacker with your foot just outside his, halting uke’s arm before it strikes and using you other arm to feint (atemi) to uke’s face. Then we can execute nikyo.

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Uchi deshi at Yama no Dojo

In October, I was privileged to attend another uchi deshi at Toutain Sensei’s dojo in Serralongue, France. It’s a spectacular location up in the mountains and close to the Spanish border and we were there for five days’ training in Wanomichi. Our daily schedule was something like this:

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Aikido Alive Cornwall on Instagram

We’ve been using Instagram for a few months to post short videos that demonstrate what we’ve been studying. And they been followed and liked quite a bit by other Aikidokas of Insta. We’d also like them to help promote what we do to potential students so if you have a Cornish community of seekers after fitness and spiritual progress, please link to it. This is our feed.

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